Students are invited to participate in live or recorded online discussion sessions. Please refer to the calendar below for an up-to-date list of scheduled sessions and their online location. This schedule is also included in the overall course schedule at this link.

Instructor-led sessions will focus on a review of key material from the modules and answer questions. When students are active during the live session or continued discussion of it afterwards this participation can replace weekly discussion postings. Live session participation includes coming prepared to the live discussion and contributing to the conversation. Please review the participation rubric to understand the grading levels for participation.


Students who are unable to attend a live session may to view the recording and post a follow-up comment within a ‘recorded session’ discussion space provided within each weekly discussion module. Posting a comment is not required and should only occur if the conversation in the live session is being advanced by the posting. Below is a video that outlines where to find recordings. The look of blackboard has changed since the video was made, but the process is the same.


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