Each week activities will be suggested to help you delve deeper into the course content. The activities I suggest often do not match what is in the learning module! You can choose to participate in these activities or modify them to be more meaningful for your learning.

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During the weeks prior to the participation self-evaluation students are expected to participate in a minimum of four activities. Prior to the final participation self-evaluation students are expected to participate in a minimum of eight activities. Active participation in live sessions can replace discussion postings.


Each discussion board inside blackboard will include the instructions for that activity or a link to the instructions. The calendar below also includes the activity for that week. Please note that postings do not need to occur on Mondays. This schedule is also included in the overall course schedule at this link.




You can participate in these activities within the course shell, on your own blog or on another platform of your choosing. The goal is to engage with classmates in a discussion about transcultural nursing throughout the course. Discussion groups are listed under the “discussion groups” link inside blackboard.

Students are encouraged to be creative and try new ways of expressing their response (i.e. creating a video, gifs, or memes instead of a text-only response). Please post a link to your external posting in the discussion form or email the course professor if you choose to engage in the activities outside of the course shell.


Blogging throughout the course is an excellent way to build a portfolio, publically showcase your work and complete discussion activities all at the same time. If you choose to blog instead of posting inside the course shell (blackboard) then I would like your permission to syndicate your posts on this page. For details about what that means and why you might want to do it please visit this link.

To have your blog syndicated (show up on this website) please email me the link to your blog. Once your blog is syndicated all posts that you put under the category “NSGD3036” will show up on this page. You are encouraged to add appropriate categories or tags to help them stay organised as we progress through the course. If more than 10 people choose to blog, discussion groups will be created. I suggest that you use the hosted version of WordPress that is free for you to use so I can better support you. However, you are free to choose any platform you want.

Within the course

Please subscribe to your group’s thread. When you are inside the thread you will see a subscribe option on the top right.

Arrow pointing to subscribe option

Click subscribe

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